Rising From Ashes Relief Effort

Help the People of St. Vincent & the Grenadines

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Together We Can Make a Difference!

In the last six months St. Vincent has experienced a Dengue outbreak, a Covid-19 outbreak, explosive volcanic eruptions, severe flooding and Lahars/mudslides… we really need your assistance.

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Our Mission & Vision

To prevent a humanitarian crisis.

With the residents from the northern third of the island displaced into the green zone and farmlands abandoned, food and necessities are of utmost importance for all Vincentians.

As time goes on, our focus will shift to provide tools and equipment to help displaced persons return to their homes; seeds can help persons start kitchen gardens so that slowly families will be able to get on their feet. Students may need additional educational assistance to help them catch up from the multiple disruptions of the past year. The work of rebuilding SVG will be an ongoing commitment for the foreseeable future.

Healthy Food
Farming Aid
Pure Water
Student Aid

Rising From Ashes is a non-profit organization focused on helping the people of St. Vincent & the Grenadines recover from the violent volcanic eruptions of 2021.

Together We Will Rise From The Ashes!

Rising From Ashes

Currently, we are distributing to families who are not in shelters. Some persons have taken displaced persons into their homes and so need additional support that they may find hard to get from official sources. We are using our personal contacts to reach out and serve these people. Below are some images from the last shipment we sent.

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Have an idea of how we can provide aid? Get in touch

(954) 699-0949

FAX: (954) 416-6156

Available from 10:30 – 18:00 EST

Address: 2114 N Flamingo Road #2244
Pembroke Pines,
FL 33028-3501

Email risingashes@rebuildsvg.org